How I Transformed My Body in 10 Days [February 2020]

Jan 25, 2020
Hey there,
It's your friendly neighborhood Fulfillionaire here, Skip Kelly, sharing a ridiculously detailed journal on the exact strategies I used to transform my energy, focus, mood, and body in 10 days this January, 2020.
I made an entire video following my journey on the 2nd challenge in February here:
In December 2019 I took a trip to Hawai'i with the family. It was a wonderful trip and to have all 5 of us there was really exciting. We explored Maui, Kauai, and Oahu for almost a week each and one day when exploring "Secret Beach" (is it still a secret now? Thanks for telling me where the SECRET BEACH is Lori)  we took family photos and I saw the beginnings of dad bod for the first time in my life:
In my life I've trained as a rock climber, an MMA fighter, a marathon runner, a Crossfit athlete, a hip hop dancer, and have always worked out religiously. With the kids coming into my life and being a solopreneur living between NYC and Los Angeles, my health had fallen a bit by the wayside.
However, what began as a journey to obliterate the small vestiges of Dad Bod that were beginning in me turned into a revolution of things that were way more important that I had no idea had slowly fallen apart.
As I progressed through the 10 day challenge program I discovered 3 massive changes to my health that affected every area of my life.

1. My ability to focus had depleted to a 20 minute attention span at maximum. Looking back to late December I would give my ability to focus a 6 / 10. After this 10 day program I would give it a 9 / 10. I have regained the ability to passionately focus on one task for hours at a time which is very important for my career.

2. My energy levels were dropping very low. Every day I wanted to nap... basically at any opportunity I could find. This made it very hard to be enthusiastic and positive with the kids and to try to get work done when they were or busy. In late December I would give my energy levels a 4 / 10. After this 10 day program I'd give my energy levels a 9.5 / 10. I have so much mental and physical energy that I usually won't nap even if I think my body could use it.

3. The most noticeable difference is I feel as if I have become more loving. This really came as a shock each day as I noticed my patience and empathy improving. Could my health really an effect on the base level of kindness I operate with? 

It began to feel much easier to handle obstacles in day to day life and to be kind to everyone who crossed my path. I thought back to myself in December, being shorter with people and not having the energy to have an excited conversation with cashiers, waiters, etc like I normally do. I would give my pre January self a 5 / 10 of love full-ness and a 9 / 10 now. I wonder how many people and specifically parents could benefit from these changes?

Now that you have a rough idea of where I began and where I finished the 10 day challenge, here are the goodies! The road map, the battle plan to my success.

If you want to join me in the February challenge starting on the 10th, click here: and join the FB group.

Here are the 4 pillars for how I transformed in the 10 day challenge.
  1. Eating more greens, fiber, nutrients, and getting enough total food in
  2. Drinking lots of good water, and intermittent fasting from 9pm - 12pm most days
  3. Creating time for purposeful movement every day no matter what
  4. Putting meditation / stress reduction / joy generation as a priority for at least three 5 minute sessions per day.

Bonus #5: I put equal amounts of time into reading new inspiring books, journaling my thoughts and emotions, and planning my life for 25 minutes each day. This is surprisingly impactful for the goal of transforming your body (and life).

As a quick example, here is a sample of a day Pre-10 Day Challenge:

7:15am - Wake Up, 1/2 cup of black coffee, 3oz of water

8:00am - Take kids to school

10:00am - Weights workout, 6 / 10 intensity, 12oz of water

10:30am - 3 scrambled eggs on arugula, 1/2 cup black coffee, can of Keto UP, work

12:00pm - Snack; i.e. Paleo Puffs, Peanut butter toast, celery and sauce, work

3:00pm - Get kids from school, bites of Gluten free pastry or snacks, 12oz of water

6:00pm - Dinner with family, a bit of white rice, a bit of potatoes, vegetables, meat, feel a bit overfull afterwards

9:00pm - Snack while hanging with kids or after they go to bed before I go to bed

And here is a sample of a day during the 10 Day Challenge:

6:45am - Wake Up, read, journal, plan, 1/4 cup of black coffee, 15oz of water with Keto//OS NAT

8:00am - Take kids to school

10:00am - Weights workout, 8 / 10 intensity, 20oz of water, 20minutes of cardio

11:00am - 12oz Water, work 1/4 cup of black coffee

12:00pm - 8oz of leafy greens, 1/2 avocado, 6oz of smoked salmon, bitchin' sauce, Keto UP, work

2:00pm - Celery, steamed vegetables with butter, cilantro, greens, 4oz of grass fed beef, 1 serving of rice or sweet potato, 12oz water, work

3:00pm - Get kids from school, 6oz of water

6:00pm - Dinner with family, 8oz of leafy greens, some cooked vegetables, 4oz of free range chicken, Primal Kitchen sauce or salad dressing, 1 serving of rice or sweet potato, 10oz of water

9:00pm - Kids go to bed, 6oz of water, work, read

Now that you have that example, here are all of the fun details for you to break down at whatever pace you like:

1. Greens
I ate 2-3 meals per day and I made sure each of them consisted of primarily greens. I ate organic and local when possible. For each meal there were raw uncooked leafy greens and for one or two meals I had moderately steamed vegetables. The secret to getting this many greens in was getting some fat based and/or sugar free sauces - Bitchin’ Sauce, This Dip Is Nuts, and the line of Primal Kitchen sauces and avocado oil based salad dressings were my go-to's. I made sure each bite of food had a good amount of greens in it.
2. Water
I either have glass bottled spring water delivered or I find it stores or when at home we keep a Big Berkey filter with the 2 fluoride filters and the 2 Berkey filters. With this water I either add Keto//OS NAT that has some minerals in it or we add mineralization liquid drops to the water.
    1. Being mostly free from toxicants is a more clear objective.
      The minerals in water are what make it “hydrating”. If you are drinking clean water there is no guarantee that the water will hydrate you because minerals are what cause the water be stored in your body for use later when needed. I’m not sure if there is a “perfect mineral” or “perfect hydration” formula but my goal is to not be thirsty, and to have hydrated skin and lips.
  1. Consuming enough before bed and upon waking.
    1. Imagine that your body uses water for almost every metabolic process which all need to happen for many hours while you sleep. Drinking a good 6-10oz of mineralized water will not only prevent you from needing to wake up to pee because the minerals will help hold onto the water through the night but will also empower your recovery processes.
    2. When we wake up and our body is starting the energy production engines it again uses water and minerals for literally every thing. Therefor, I try to have between 8-16oz of clean, mineral rich water in the first hour of waking. The sooner the better.
3. Movement and Workouts
1. I believe the movement and workout plan I did was the most effective part of my 10 day challenge. I’ve eaten lower carbohydrate (under <100grams of carbohydrates per day or under 4 servings of white rice / sweet potatoes / etc.) for years now and I’ve always worked out 4+ days a week.
When devising this plan I considered how I already ate ''well'' and worked out regularly that I needed to strategize improving the areas that held significant room for improvement and tackle that.
In my case it was increasing the intensity and program of my of my movement and workouts. Before the challenge I was probably going at a 4/10 intensity overall — just enough to make it to the gym and keep myself feeling okay but not enough to really get the energy, mood, focus, and physique benefits I would be seeking in 2020 and beyond.
And so, I integrated one 20 minute session of cardio every day through 3 different modalities:
  1. Walk / Run - walking for 90 seconds, jogging for 90 seconds for over 20 minutes. I would increase the intensity of the jog until I felt like it was helping my body burn fat and gain energy but was careful not to stress my joints. On good days when I had time, I went for longer than this. I'm currently creating a mini course on the specifics of how to make 10 minutes of running potentially as beneficial as 45 minutes of standard jogging.
  2. Kettlebell Circuit - I integrated a kettlebell workout routine that takes three minutes per round and would do 2-3 rounds on these days. This would be equivalent to sprint cardio for me because of the heart rate I would reach and hold with consistent movement and minimal recovery throughout the rounds.
  3. Stair Climbing - I went to my favorite local gym and did the stair master with intervals like the running at levels 4 for the "walk" and 7 for the "run" for ~20 minutes depending on how I felt that day.
In addition to the cardio I used 3 weight lifting routines, one per day, 5 days per week:
  1. Push
  2. Pull
  3. Legs
  4. Recovery if it felt healthy or lift again but listening to my muscles so as not to damage them or overtrain
I did all of these weight lifting routines at a gym yet they could be done at home. Below I’ll give you an example of a specific routine I did for each split.
I have a long professional history of education and experimentation with human movement so there are many specifics I won’t go into here about each exercise but I will be breaking many of these down in future videos, courses, blogs, posts, etc.
When it comes to exercise I try to connect with the specific muscles I’m working on and to bring the fatigue feeling to an of 8-9 out of 10 with each movement.
For recovery intervals, I wait until it feels like I can handle another set or if I’m cramped for time that day I go to a lower intensity and take less recovery time between sets to result in the same intensity at the end of the entire workout.
As a rule of thumb I shoot for 18-22 sets of exercises total for the entire length of a workout.
Here is a sample workout for each split routine:
  1. Push (22 sets of exercises total)
    1. Seated Chest Fly machine for between 10-15 reps and 4 sets focusing on different areas of my chest and shoulders
    2. Tricep cable pushdown or equivalent for 12-20 reps and 4 sets focusing on different angles of movement
    3. Lateral Shoulder Raise with light dumbbells (5 or 10lbs) for 10-15 slow reps and 3 sets raising at different angles
    4. Standing cable chest press or similar for 8-15 reps and 4 sets at different angles
    5. Standing dumbbell shoulder press for 10-12 reps and 3 sets at different angles
    6. Laying down slow ab sit-ups with legs flat and slightly spread apart for 15-20 reps at 4 sets
  2. Pull (18 sets total)
    1. Two arm cable pull or similar for 12-18 reps for 4 sets changing between areas of my back
    2. Dumbbell bicep curls for 8-15 reps for 4 sets varying angles of curl and feeling the forearms/grip participate
    3. Reverse fly machine for 10-12 reps for 4 sets
    4. Pulldown two arm cable (simulating pull ups) for 8-12 reps for 3 sets changing grip widths
    5. Back extension on Swiss ball / locked off passive machine / bench for 10-15 reps at 3 sets
  3. Legs (21 sets total)
    1. Leg extension machine for 10-20 reps for 3 sets to warm up and connect with my thigh muscles
    2. Hamstring curl machine for 10-20 reps for 3 sets also to warm up my hamstrings and butt muscles if possible
    3. DB Squats for 12-20 reps for 4 sets changing the angle of my feet and squat movement for each set
    4. Calf Press with dumbbells or machine for 15-20 reps for 4 sets to recover from squats and connect with calf muscles
    5. DB Reverse Lunge or similar for 20-30 reps total for 4 sets to challenge butt muscles and balance focus
    6. Captain’s chair leg lifts or knee’s to elbow’s sit-ups for 20 reps and 3 sets
  4. Recovery Day (if needed)
    1. I logon to the Thrive Dojo and pick 1-3 Prehabbing track(s) that feel relevant to what hasn't recovered in my body yet
    2. I walk 15,000+ steps to the best of my ability that day
    3. I still try to jog a bit and get blood moving faster than a walk
    4. I stay standing as much as possible
With all of these routines I use a simple Dojo warm up and cool down routine of moving my shoulder around, my abdominals and core around, and hips and legs through circles to secrete synovial fluid and keep my joints healthy long term that you can find in the free Pack of Dojo Movement Snacks.
For my Mindfulness / Meditation, I use 3 practices primarily:
  1. On days where I feel the most spiritually inclined, I lay down in silence, put on ambient instrumental music and tune in to whichever meditation technique I’m experienced in or I make something beautiful up for the day.
  2. I keep a guided meditation playlist folder on a google drive for public access. I listen to a track while laying down with my eyes closed and ponder the words as intentionally as I can muster for the day.
  3. If laying down silent meditation doesn’t sound exciting than I pick a Thrive Dojo track from my Prehabbing playlist and focus on being as present as possible throughout it.
Overarching Ideas From Nutrition
  1. Little to no dairy other than butter or ghee
  2. Little to no gluten
  3. Little to no soy
  4. I steer away from corn, peas, breads (even if gluten and dairy free)
  5. I eat organic, grass fed, cage free, etc as often as possible
  6. I eat lots of good fats but no more than 3 servings per meal
  7. I have clean carbohydrates at least every other day or 1+ servings every day
  8. >100g protein from whole food sources
  9. I focused on whole food sources, eating less often yet larger meals
  10. I drank Keto//OS NAT or a Keto UP every day, sometimes one of each
  11. I slept 7+ hours per day to the best of my ability


Now, a week after finishing the 10 Day Challenge I feel like the ultimately kind and sharp Skip Kelly I knew a couple of years ago is back in full force, helping inspire the world one action at a time.

I Hope this helps with your journey and feel free to hop on over to the public Thrive Dojo Facebook Group to share your story or launch some questions our way.

When I'm not being tackled by the kiddos I'll spend some time writing beautiful answers (or more questions) for you.

Here's the page for each month's challenge: 

You make me want to THRIVE!

Skip Kelly

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