You've Got the Power

May 15, 2019

With his hands around the throat of our hero, Hot Rod, the bad guy says “It’s a pity you Autobots die so easily, or I might have a sense of satisfaction now..”

And that’s when the theme song of this blog post starts - “You’ve got the touch, You’ve got the power!” as the hero is able to open the legendary Matrix just in time to light his darkest hour.

This is the climactic scene in one of my favorite childhood movies, the original Transformers film. It’s quite different from the Michael Bay live action series that came out decades later. Here’s the scene I’m describing if you’re curious.

Why am I talking about giant alien organic robots on our blog?

To me, this song from the late 80’s is like the theme song of Prehab Dojo. The message is this - you have all the power you need already, even in your darkest hour. It’s the cherry on top that the song is called The Touch, as we are all about muscles and sensitivity here.

Your body and your brain are much more powerful than we like to believe, as a society. Maybe our new powerful inventions and robots are helping us to do things we’ve never seen before, but I think sometimes we forget that we are not exactly like the machines we have created.

Humans are many trillions of times more complex than today’s computers.

We are incredible adaptation machines who have evolved to survive all kinds of previous dangers, and our powers to create are only getting better and faster as we continue to learn and grow together as a species.

At the Dojo, we aim to reclaim that power and continually remind ourselves that our bodies and our brains are always more powerful than we currently think they are. And that the systems to understanding them are out there, waiting to be discovered.

And no, I do not mean the systems as in the pill that can increase a particular neurotransmitter to make you feel a certain way, or the device that pushes your muscles for you in order to measure how ready you are to get up from a rehab table.

I mean true power, unaided from technology.

Now, having a bachelor’s of science degree in electrical & computer engineering - I love technology. Don’t misunderstand me. I think our use of devices and computers to automate repetitive tasks is amazing and powerful. That is assuming the right minds and bodies are using those devices in the first place. And NEVER to completely absolve power to them.

Biotechnology is also coming a long way, and I’m specifically intrigued by the ideas of biofeedback machines. Instead of automating our body’s natural functions, what if we simply took measurements during a completely unaided session, and learned to optimize our own operation of a part of the body?

Processes that we typically think of as “automatic” like breathing or pumping our blood are also affected by our conscious actions. If I get up and go for a run right now, my heart and lungs will also move more quickly to help give me the energy I need, and to repair cells as needed, as a response.

I’ve got several of my own stories, and will be sharing many more on this site of people overcoming injuries and all sorts of issues through their own problem-solving skills and learning to master their motor control.

It’s pretty cool.

So enjoy a playthrough of our theme song, and always remember that YOU have the power.

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